Augmented reality experiences that enable collaboration between artists and communities.

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How to Use This App

How to Use This App

Drag to move elements around

Pinch & Zoom to scale & rotate elements

Tap to edit elements of the artwork

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InterPlay: Art Play for All

Interact with an artist’s vision of Akron.

Artist Adana Tillman sets the stage for your augmented reality experience. Collaborate with her; play with color, texture, and shape. Share your creations and thoughts #InterPlayAkron or

About the Artist

Akron-born Adana Tillman explores identity and self-expression in her layered textile works, rich with pattern and symbolism. Tillman learned quilting from her mother at a young age, going on to gain formal and non-traditional training. Tillman’s works have been exhibited at TILA studios, at Miami Art week, and in residency with Hambidge Creative Arts Center.

About the Museum

The Akron Art Museum, situated in downtown Akron, Ohio, seeks to enrich lives through modern and contemporary art.

About Bluecadet

Bluecadet, an experience design agency based in Philadelphia and New York City, uses design and innovation to concept and create meaningful human-centered experiences.

Interplay is a collaboration between Adana Tillman, the Akron Art Museum, and Bluecadet.



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